“I attribute my success to the Small Steps to the TOP philosophy.
Everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, counts.”

The Best Year Ever

Learn the basics of building a network marketing business from a master networker!

Both new and seasoned network marketers will gain insights into the best methods for building their business. These are the techniques John Haremza has used to build his career. They have helped him become one of the world’s top networkers and a multi-millionaire. Now, he shares his systems step-by-step with you.

The Power of Events

Your Most Important Tool is 3 Way Calling

Moving Your Prospect Along to a Yes

People Buy People

The Key is Belief

Small Steps to the Top

The 90/10 Rule

Using the Scale of 1 to 10

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Yes

Why Use the Tools

Conceptualizing Network Marketing

Why Network Marketing

3 Questions Every Prospect Asks

Overcoming Objections

The Power of Leverage

Distribution Through Network Marketing


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