John Haremza

John Haremza’s journey is something feature films are made of. He started out as a blue-collar worker, earning $9 an hour at a potato chip company to becoming a network marketing veteran with over 33 years in the business with earnings over $28 million.  He achieved a new high of $3.6 million in 2019 but his all-time proudest accomplishment has been leading his people to earnings of over $500 million in commissions and changing countless lives on his journey. John’s story is a true rags-to-riches tale, going from a trailer park in a small town in Minnesota, to a world-class network marketing leader, success coach, author and motivational speaker.

He graduated from high school with a severe learning disability, dyslexia. John and his family never thought he would amount to anything in life. However, his fortunes did a sharp U-turn when he entered the world of network marketing. When he was introduced to network marketing, John was working as the maintenance manager in a potato chip factory. He had never sold anything in his life and had no business experience. Back then, he had one objective—to be invisible.

In 2019 John was ranked in the top 20 network marketing earners in the WORLD and most recently inducted into the network marketing hall of fame.  All this from a guy who felt fortunate just to get a high school diploma. In the first four years of his network marketing journey, John was able to earn $400,000 an unimaginable figure for someone who thought being a machine operator at a potato chip company would be the best job he could have.

His message is simple: “If I can do it with my challenges and background, then you can do it.” He is living proof that you can be successful in this business regardless of your circumstances. What does John know that very few people do not know?  Over the past 33 years John has risen to the top in every company he was been with. Was it good luck, amazing fortune, great wisdom or a keen understanding of the five elements for critical for success?  Google John Haremza and you will find that there is not one negative comment, with 33 years in business, this is unheard of.
“Network marketing changed my life in ways that was far beyond my imagination.”

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